What Is Predictive Analytic?

One of the major parts of business analytics is predictive analytics. Here important business data from the past is been used in order to predict future business outcomes. Predictive analytics is quite efficient in managing the future course of action for a particular business. One can even opt for sap for small business improvement.

With predictive analytic following things can be defined such as:

  •    Here planning of budgets can be easily carried out.
  •    Profit turnover can be evaluated with it
  •    Help in identifying strategies for profitable business


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In predictive analytic high-quality software and expert inputs are used for the methodical study. With predictive analytic one can easily understand customer experience and try to improve it on that basis. This is the best way to increase the brand’s standing which further is beneficial for business value and profits.

With advancement in business, baseless assumptions are not required. Even the size, structure or industry that business belongs to doesn’t matter.  It is easy to track each customer with predictive analytics so that valuable information can be generated. Now, this information is used in predicting future market trend and customer behavior. As a result of this well-informed decisions can be taken out.

Benefits businesses attain from predictive analytics are given below:


In predictive analytics, you can analyze your competitors.

Customer Improvement

With predictive analytics, you can easily score your customer on an individual basis. This helps in improving customer-centric activities like sales, marketing, customer service etc.


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You can easily find out any kind of frauds and transaction faults with predictive analytics. Hence security level increases with predictive analytics.


The operations that can be performed via predictive analytics are:

  • Product manufacturing
  • Enterprise functions
  • Repair
  • Testing
  • Improve supply chain
  • Distribution


One can get the desired business output with predictive analytics.