Types of Visas For Newzeland

Visa is considered among the many requirements needed for international travel. If your application is approved by immigration then you can able to enter the country. There are different categories of Visa available.

There are different types of Visa Travel to Newzeland. These include D visa (Residence Visa), F (Business / Visa Visit), G (Transit Visa), L (Tourist Visa), X (Study / Student Visa), and Z (Work Visa). We will try to give you some brief information about the different types of New Zealand Visa.

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D (Residence Visa) – For the visa approval, we should have the approval certificate, real passports with a blank visa page, and at least 6 month validity. Visa Application Form (Q1) is to be filled out and attached to the 2-inch color / black and white photograph. A Physical Examination Certificate is also required. 

F (Business / Visa Visit) –  Similar to a residence visa but differs in the sense that it requires an invitation letter from the Newzeland company. This condition is for a single-entry application. Multiple-entry visas for businesses are also available but are under a different set of requirements. If you are born in Newzeland and you have your own business then you can apply the visa invitation application. This is the basic requirement for this visa.