Taking Your Italian Vacation In Tuscany

There are twenty regions of Italy and Tuscany is a region which is found in central Italy. It has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and many famous artists have achieved some spectacular pieces of art using the Tuscan landscape for a backdrop during the Italian renaissance.

The regional capital is Florence.

Historic town centers you can visit your Tuscan Italian vacation are protected sites mainly for their magnificent architecture. Duomo is the cathedral in Siena that represents the great Italian culture of the Romans. You can get to know more about personalized trips of Italy via an online search. 

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In Florence, you must visit Santa Maria del Flore which is another cathedral with beautiful architecture. The Ponche Vencho Bridge in Florence is an amazing old bridge held by the stage but has several shops built along the edges. San Gimignano is a small town on a hilltop. It is a walled city and is known for its medieval architecture.

Its fourteen towers can be seen from many miles around. Through wars and disasters, San Gimignano has been able to maintain a beautiful fourteen towers and you will be able to see the works of art on your Tuscan Italian vacation. Val d'Orcia gained its place in the list of protected sites because it truly exemplifies beautiful landscapes. With hills and small quaint villages, you must make sure you see this area when you go on holiday to Italy.

Another reason why you might want to visit Tuscany and specifically Florence is that this is a place where Leonardo da Vinci was born and spent his youth working in the studio of the famous Florentine painter.