Subaru WRX Performance Tips

Here are some easy tips that can be done to result in improved performance for Subaru WRX. You can also check the performance of Subaru wrx 0-60 times via online search.

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Changing Your Oil

This may seem obvious, but you'd be surprised how easy it is to forget or ignore. Subaru WRX owner's manual shows an oil change every 7,500 miles under normal driving conditions.  You can also

True Gapped Spark Plugs

You have a different year from the Subaru WRX; refer to your owner's manual for exact specifications. This tip may seem a little small, but the extra power that can be had for free is worth the time and effort.

Clean Air Filter Your

Manufacturer / stock Subaru WRX air filter leaves something to be desired, but if you do not have extra money to buy aftermarket air filter, make sure your stock filter clean. The more air to the engine, the more power you have.

Use Of Premium Gasoline

With gas prices being what they are today, I know that this is hard to swallow the current tip. Gas is not cheap, and premium gas can never be purchased at a price that makes the deal, but you drive a Subaru WRX, after all.

Subaru wrx Needs You Lose Some Weight

It is a matter of basic physics. Less weight + more power = better performance. The WRX less weight you have to carry around, the better it will perform in each category. So, take an inventory of what has been accumulated in your luggage from time to time.