Making the Perfect Mermaid Costume

The cult of the mermaids has attracted people throughout the years for centuries, became one of the most popular underwater creatures. Beautiful mermaid has fascinated people from their first appearance in fairy tales, storybooks and gaining popularity on the big screen Disney movies, such as "The Little Mermaid". You can explore this source to know more about mermaid costume.

You can make your own mermaid costumes. There are several different parts involved in most of the mermaid costume includes the head, top, and a wig or other hair ornaments. Also, you may want to collect some special makeup to complete your mermaid costume.

Let's break that down:

Step One: Mermaid Tail

If you can find a dress or skirt that tapper into the bottom, you're halfway there. If not, you can also pick up a skirt or dress and take in the seam at the bottom to Tapper in the direction of your ankles. You can then add some shiny or sparkly fabric at the bottom to form a fin your costume.

Step Two: Top

One of the easiest ways to make up a mermaid costume is to use a bikini swimsuit or bra. You can color the bra with fabric dyes and even add some glitter fabric. To mermaid simpler, you can use a one-piece swimsuit that will cover your belly. Then choose a contrasting color fabric and cut two shell shape and sew or glue them to the top of you – one on each side to perform as they cover your breast.

Step Three: Hairstyle

For Ariel, red hair is an absolute must. Just keep in mind that this can be very time-consuming. For non-mermaid Ariel, almost all hair colors will do though classic image generally describes their mermaid with long, flowing hair.

Step Four: Makeup

A color palette that matches both the costumes and the natural colors of the sea should work best. Try green and blue and adding a dash of glitter to your mermaid costume makeup.