How To Install A Sign Successfully?

The signage plays an important role in any kind of business. These signposts are used to describe the information about the property and the seller. These are widely used in real estate business for selling the commercial properties.

If you are looking for signpost for selling your property then you should hire sign installation companies that will help you to install a good sign for your property according to your property. It is important to install these signs properly.

Real Estate Post

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Below are some tips that will help you to install a sign properly:

Decide The Post For The Job: There are two types of posts that are usually used:

  • Wood Post: wooden posts are more popular as they are economical and is easily installed.
  • Steel Post: The metal post is expensive but they have a long lifespan. It is suggestive to use the galvanized metal because it is protected from corrosion.

Determine the number of posts: It is important to determine the number of posts that you will require for your property.

  • If the size of your sign is less than 10 sq feet then one wooden stand of 4x4s will be enough for the installation.
  • If the size of your sign is between 10 to 20 sq feet then you should opt for one wooden stand 4x6s for the sign installation.

Installing Sign Post

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Consider The Ground: It is important to determine the ground on which you will be mounting your sign.

  • For the smaller signs, it can directly be mounted in front of your real estate property without
  • For the metal-based signs, you need to add the concrete for the stability while mounting the signs.

Determine The Depth: It is necessary to determine the depth for installing the sign to avoid any sign fall over.

  • If your post has 4’ length then you should dig a hole 2’ deep.
  • If your post has 6’ length then you should dig a hole 3’ deep.