Does Your Mobile Device Policy Need to Be Updated?

Mobile devices have now become an integral part of the construction industry. They are used for accurate record keeping, to improve quality assurance, and much more. However, if your company does not have an appropriate mobile device policy, now may be the time to create one or update an outdated policy. Adelhardt Construction maintains a frequently updated mobile device policy based on several of the following major issues that you should also take into consideration:

Keep your company secrets safe with an appropriate mobile device policy

One area of concern is the transmittance of confidential company information either accidentally or intentionally using mobile devices. Disgruntled or departing employees may share company client information, personal employee information, emails, competitive secrets, or other confidential information to third parties.

Your policy needs to cover protecting your company’s confidential information on mobile devices. Make sure that you have protocols in place to protect your sensitive information, and that all of your contractors and employees are kept up to date with your policy. Also, be sure to have some sort of procedure in place to lock out contractors or employees from your computer network when this is necessary.

Harassment is an area of concern for construction employers

Mobile devices including tablets and cell phones leave indisputable evidence when it comes to harassment of all forms, potentially becoming a nightmare for employers. Any contractor or employee who engages in harassment activity using mobile devices while at work will expose their employer to increased liability. Your mobile device policy needs to address electronic devices and their appropriate use, and also include a policy on social media and expected professional conduct when using mobile devices while at work.

Address texting while operating machinery

Just as texting and driving is hazardous, texting while operating construction machinery is even more so. Although the risk is obvious, there are many contractors who engage in this potentially dangerous activity, putting their health and others at risk of injury or death. Your policy should address the appropriate use of mobile devices while on a construction site and prohibit using them while operating any machinery. Be sure to strongly discourage this activity with disciplinary action when any contractor or employee is caught using mobile devices inappropriately, and ensure that managers are trained and aware so they can spot it when it occurs.

Eliminate work distractions by prohibiting mobile device use outside of work related needs

With everyone plugged into the internet, there is plenty of opportunity for workers to waste work time using their mobile devices on social media websites, games, and communicating with friends. Your policy should explicitly prohibit this activity outside of break hours.

Productivity is not only lost from this as the result of distraction; your company will also continue to be financially liable when workers are not actually working. Train your supervisors on best practices so that they can spot this behavior, and set disciplinary examples. If it remains a problem at your company, the prohibition of mobile devices outside of the most important tasks may be a necessity.