Bedbugs: Some Fascinating Things You Probably Don’t Know

It has been said that bedbug is been with us from an ancient time. Research has proven that there is a sign of bedbug before the lives of human has started. It is also believed that in starting bedbug used to feed on bats after some time they have started feeding on a human. A bedbug has a specific shape and size. They are night bloodsucker pests. 

A bedbugs has been feeding on humans for a long time ago. In ancient times a certain trick has been applied to get rid of the bedbugs. These tricks include bowls of oil under a bed, burying a decade’s leaves for smoke bases, cleaning home with a plant. Since that time electricity was not common in homes so there was the least survival of bedbugs.


In the modern time sign of bedbug infestation is increasing rapidly. A bedbug can easily survive in the winter day. They are mainly found in human homes and they are able to reduce all year. As the bedbug infestation is increasing day by day so the desire of making a cure is more obvious.

Bedbugs are bloodsucker and its bite can create an uncomfortable environment for us. So if you find any symptoms of bed bug bites then it is very important that you should go for bed bug bites treatment. You should immediately consult a concern a doctor.  


Bedbugs are fast traveller they can come with you in the luggage, in the shoes, and through people who come to your homes as a guest. If you do little care of yourself and your hygiene, then you can able to prevent bedbug from your home. A bedbug can survive for certain years without eating anything so it is very necessary to clean luggage and those things that you have not used for a long time.


So if you spot any sign a bedbug in your house then you should immediately take action for killing bedbugs. If you want more information about how to get rid of bedbug and what are its treatment then this is a great post to read.