About Us

Everyone has a long story to tell, but I’ll keep this one brief. If you’d really like to know more about my life story, you are welcome to connect with me here :) .

My birth certificate and passport say my name is Phineas Tichaona Mpofu, my parents named me that so like many kids that are born and named, I’ve come to know myself by those names and introduce myself accordingly when attending to official matters.

Professionally (and socially) I go by Phin (short for Phineas), but growing up I was called Tich (short for Tichaona). My family and many of my friends still call me that, so if we ever have the pleasure of meeting, you have a choice of what to call me. When I was younger I was never keen on Phineas, but when my grandad, Phineas Masamba, passed away in 2008, the name took on a different meaning. I was named after my grandad and so when he passed I made a subconscious then a conscious decision to revert to that name, as a way of continuing his legacy. My grandad used to also refer to me as “my name“, when he used to call me, very fond memories indeed.  As an aside I technically should be Phineas Tichaona Masamba Jr / Phineas Tichaona Masamba II. The story behind the Mpofu / Masamba switch is attributed to my father and happened long before I arrived on this earth. It’s kind of a funny story, which again, if we ever have the pleasure in meeting, remind me to tell you the story.

I was born and raised in Zimbabwe and like many of my peers, after my A’Levels I relocated overseas. In April 2000 I relocated to the UK to study Computer Science. Fast forward to 2012, a lot has happened in those 12 years and I now find myself on the verge of an exciting and revolutionary venture for Conveyancing Solicitors and Estate Agents. The story of how it all begun, I’m sure will come to be told by myself and others on numerous occasions as the success of ConveyancingBy.com and PropertySoldBy.com builds. Isn’t that normally the first question people ask when you have a company, “so how’d you get started?”.

So I invite you to become a friend, client, guest or passer-by on this exciting and enthralling journey as I nurture, discover, celebrate and sometimes commiserate, on this motorway, that has several different exists, but one destination and that is to build some that will be of tremendous value to Estate Agents, Conveyancing Solicitors and their prospective clients who want to do business with them.

One last thing, normally when a person blogs on behalf of a company it comes with one of those disclaimers. You know the ones “the opinions expressed in this blog, article, tweet, text, email, smoke signal are that of the author and do not necessarily represent the thoughts of the company“. What a load of hot air, maybe it’ll blow that smoke signal in the other direction. The views expressed in this disclaimer are mine and what drives the growth of the company. Of course I may occasionally get it wrong or say something incorrect, but I will be the first to admit it and would never have an issue apologising when I am clearly in the wrong.

I also love feedback and opinions. We are all unique in our own special little ways and there is always something to learn from someone else. I am not the egotistical to believe for one second that I know it all. Whilst of course I want to know it all, I realise I have to learn it all first. And whilst it is never be possible to know it all, I sincerely hope that I know enough friends, clients, guests and passer-bys’ to educate me.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this.